Mathematical methods of the “AtmoSym” and the program code itself were developed by S.P. Kshevetsky and N.M. Gavrilov. The first of the authors is a specialist in the mathematical theory of hydrodynamic equations and in mathematical physics, in numerical methods, in programming. The second author is a specialist in atmospheric physics and programming.

The first author is a professor at the I.Kant Baltic Federal University, and the second author is a professor at the St. Petersburg State University.

The development of the presented mathematical methods and computer programs would not have taken place without the invaluable help and support of S.N. Kulichkova from the A.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics RAS. In some important details, Yu.A. Kurdyayeva from the I.Kant Baltic Federal University, I.V. Karpov and F.S. Bessarab of the WD IZMIRAN very helped us. Brilliant programmers from St. Petersburg, MS. Kshevetsky and A.N. Gavrilov greatly helped with his priceless consultations in many important details of programming of parallel computations. Finally, brilliant network administrator and supercomputer specialist Mikhail Plisov from the I.Kant Baltic Federal University during long time much helped in network programming, in the development of many programs and in the development of this site.