The model AtmoSym” of atmospheric processes is based on the following complete set of three-dimensional non-stationary hydrodynamic equations for an atmospheric gas:


In the model (1), are horizontal and vertical coordinates; is time, is density; are horizontal and vertical components of velocity ; is temperature; is pressure; is the universal gas constant; is a molecular weight; is the acceleration of gravity, is an adiabatic index; are coefficients of viscosity and thermal conductivity; is a vertical profile of the background temperature; is a local vertical component of the angular velocity of gyration of the Earth.

The equations take into account non-linear and dissipative processes accompanying wave propagation; they, in particular, describe such complicated phenomena as formation of shock waves, wave breaking, turbulence.

The model ensures self-consistent description of atmospheric processes and takes into account change in time of atmosphere parameters due to energy transfer from dissipated waves to the medium.

The possibility of assignment of wave sources is provided in the model. Each user can define any of the wave sources Within an elementary version of the model, all these functions are equal zero. Consideration of the source can allow, for example, taking into account the heating/cooling of an atmospheric gas at the expense of energy input at changes of the water phases.

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